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Of the Dawn
A quick-ish (~10hr) painting from one of my favorite stories. A while ago I'd be super embarrassed to admit it, haha. But I recognize this series has a cast of fantastic characters (including villains) and the emotional development runs pretty deep. It deals with super dark themes but always manages to keep me laughing with the jokes as well. 

I dunno, it's got a lot of elements I respect and admire. So yeah. If you don't mind some sap, and you're in the mood for some good old-fashioned fantasy adventure-- I highly recommend this one. Especially the manga. ANYTHING BUT THE ENGLISH DUB OF THE ANIME. *cringes thinking about it*


Art (c) me
Yona (c) Yona of the Dawn / Akatsuki no Yona
80 MPH

Song: The Words I Never Said - Mage

It's so loud inside my head with words that I should have said.

I've had this concept in my head for months now. Haaaa does anyone else talk to themselves in the car? No? Yep, I'm just crazy. My car rides home are essential to my mental health lol. 

On an unrelated note- I finished Breath of the Wild and was shocked it was given a 10/10.... I personally didn't like it. I'm all for innovation, but I think they took out waaayyy too much--- like the FRIGGIN TEMPLES!!! How do you have a Zelda game without temples??!!!?? The exploration was great, I guess, but I don't play Zelda for Witcher landscapes. Plus there was little to no strategy in boss fights (something else I look forward to). With that said, I'll now take my unpopular opinion to the corner where I cry myself to sleep. 

Anyway, please enjoy the pretty picture. Comments and favorites are loved, thank you all for your support <3

Art (c) me

Light's Spurn

...Anyway. I love this story. It may be cliche, and it doesn't even really have a plot, but I think this cast is the best of all my stories. I can't get enough of Ceres' inner turmoil. Save her sister-- the all important goddess of fire... or save an innocent she's accidentally come to befriend. It becomes apparent in this moment that she's losing resolve, and she's terrified of this weak person she's become. 

Of Descent, Ceres, Aede/Lyssa, Daemon, Theron (c) me

I love and appreciate all your favs and comments, even if I don't always respond. Thank you! <3
Tzi'Cha Paint
Just painting my muse.... pfft. Literally. It's a joke, because she's a muse, but none of you know that yet.

Ahhhhh.... Anyway was bored, and I love her color scheme. So I painted something quick. 

Tzi'Cha, art (c) me
I've been on an MX kick lately... so you all get some Dysis art (and another painting piece to come!)

Made some outfit tweaks as you all can see. My baby has grown so much :] 
here's my first documented drawing of her (2011):

MX, Dysis Myrrh, Art (c) me
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I was tagged by Velnna to do this meme, so you're all gonna have to live with it. I'm sorry if this is long, if I'm gonna do this, I'M GONNA DO IT RIGHT.

Sooooo who else am I gonna pick, but Dysis <Freakin'> Myrrh. Because I feel like you all get a ton of art of her, but not a lot of insight to who she is as a person. A lot of this you can probably get from reading my story (if I ever finish) but I'll try to include some extra stuff.

1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character. 
3) Tag 8 others


1. Dysis' father (much like her) was a Reader- which means he can hear the voice of a god everyone thought was long gone. He was regarded as a false prophet and didn't accomplish much in his life. But from what she does remember of him, he was a loving father. He's the reason Dysis feels she has to prove herself.

2. She smiles too much. I find myself writing her smile too often. Sad, angry, happy, confused.... it's her default face. In fact, if she isn't smiling, it's probably time to run.

3. After the adventure is over, she opens the first school for magii. Where she goes on to be the world's scariest teacher. Haha, not really, she loves kids.... but she's really reckless... kinda like Ms. Frizzle.

4. Dysis is actually my first bisexual character. I was talking to my sis about how if people made MX fanfics, Dysis and Ace would most certainly be a couple..... then I realized I'm not entirely opposed to it. Don't think Ace swings that way, but Dysis is another story.

5. She's pretty insightful (apart from when it comes to Riven... in that sense, he's probably the only one who can deceive her). She pretty much knows all the character secrets before they even know it themselves lol. 

6. I keep thinking I give her too much in terms of character traits, but then again she's far from perfect. She's impulsive, reckless, self-sacrificing, nosy and bossy. 

7. She LOVES to show off. She loves when people underestimate her because she loves to prove them wrong. 

8. She and Talon hated each other at first. Dysis was actually more severe when she was a kid; she had no patience and was pretty blunt. She saw Talon as an obstacle in her way, and he was kinda put off by her ruthless ambition. Once he got to know her, he began to understand what she was fighting for and began to respect her perseverance. That respect turned into admiration, and then finally to affection. It's a pretty cute story actually <3 Maybe someday I'll write a short excerpt. 


So, um, about that tagging thing... yeahhh no. Not tagging anyone. So much for "doing it right." I don't think I even have 8 people to tag that I know well enough.... haha. So if you want to do it, be my guest.

Thanks everyone, hopefully I'll put out some more art soon :thumbsup:


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United States
Picture taken by :iconchemicaltigerseye:

Hello, My name is Sam/Samantha.
I don't know how to describe myself that well xD
Let's see... I'm random, sarcastic, genuine, philosophical, quiet at times, kind and fun-loving.

I'm a bit of a gamer.... okay, I guess it's far more than a bit. I love a lot of games, anything with likable characters and a plot just insane enough to work. (...tales of the abyss...) Basically I like games that make me actually care.
I'm a writer :3 and I mainly draw characters from my stories. I don't believe in drawing unless there's something to be portrayed through it.
I love fantasy, action, and bittersweet plots. I live for it xD

In fact, I'm currently writing three a book with all the above... Don't ask me when it will be finished because it's debatable if it ever will.

Well I think that's enough, lol.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



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